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A Referrers Guide To Equine Partners CIC


We are official West Sussex vendors and commissions from any West Sussex organisation can be paid for through One Way to Buy


We have appropriate qualifications for the various services (please see our meet the team page for full details).  Those staff and volunteers providing direct work with the children, young people and families are fully DBS checked.  We have a First Aider on site and we have the relevant insurances in place.


We do apply for funding from a range of organisations (see our sponsors page) so if you have a family whom you think would benefit from what we do, please contact us. Sometimes we will have funding in place that can be used or we can suggest organisations that you might be able to apply to yourself. 

Our basic referral form is available from the link on this page.  Please feel free to complete it and email it to us. Or if you prefer, contact us for a discussion around the outcomes you want and we will design a programme to fit the situation please see our contact page for ways to reach us 




Our services:


Equine Assisted Learning


This is an effective programme for families where there are relational difficulties or life challenges. Each series of sessions is tailor made to the needs of the family. Please contact us to discuss any specific outcomes you may have.


We can cover personal space, problem solving, building empathy between family members, sibling rivalry, confidence, self-esteem, restoring the hierarchy of a family (parents in charge) etc this list is not exhaustive and is purely to give an idea.  4-6 sessions appear to be the optimum number although we will provide however many is needed. Please see Equine Assisted Learning page for full details.


Therapeutic Horsemanship


This one to one approach is great for working with young people at a personal level.


We have used it very successfully linked to a school for young people with Emotional and Behavioural disorders, where it runs as a 10 week programme.


We also use it to work with young people on a range of issues from hygiene to emotional self-regulation. It builds self-confidence and a better understanding of the world and why things work as they do. It is good for all young people and particularly effective for those who are on the Autistic Spectrum including those with ADHD.


Perhaps our most rewarding use of Therapeutic Horsemanship is as an ongoing programme of support for young people who are self-harming and having suicidal thoughts (and on occasion acting on them). We focus on working with these young people to give them unconditional positive regard, a listening ear and a horse to look forward to visiting and cuddling, which has had some excellent results. We are seeing young people able to re-engage in school and begin to plan for their future. When they no longer need the intense support they can move to the Pony Share (subject to space) for ongoing contact with the horses. Please see the Therapeutic Horsemanship page for full details.


Pony Share


This scheme is for those who would like to have a horse of their own and are prevented from doing so due to life circumstances.  They are typically those for whom a conventional stable yard would not be appropriate. We offer a more nurturing environment whilst teaching independence and self-motivation. The participants develop confidence and self-worth as they develop new skills and learn to work as part of a group.


Previous Pony Sharers have included young carers, those in foster care, on the Autistic spectrum, subject of a Child Protection Plan, as well as those needing a confidence boost and a positive activity to look forward to.  The Pony Sharers can attend sessions weekly, fortnightly or monthly and this is an ongoing service for as long as the person wishes to come.  Please see Pony Share page for full details.


You can download a Request For Service Form here

What has been said about us:

‘The Equine Therapy has been working really well in the area as it is a very direct form of family therapy and gives families a unique opportunity to unpack their worries and concerns in a safe and supported space.  Fran Hibberd delivers the sessions and also engages fully in TAC sessions and professional discussions.  This has worked really well providing insight to the issues which enables the TAC to be outcome focused with a more holistic approach...There is a gap in services and we have found that Equine therapy works really well.’


 - V.R. Area Lead for Integrated Services Arun East and Arun West, A&C Joint Commissioning Team.  West Sussex County Council