•  learn More "Whether it's a friendship or a relationship, all bonds are built on trust. Without it you have nothing"  ~ Unknown
  •  learn More "The Essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire"
     ~ Sharon Ralls Lemon
  •  learn More "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man"
     ~ Winston Churchill 
  •  learn More "In riding a horse we borrow freedom" ~ Helen Thomson  
  •  learn More "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right"
     ~ Henry Ford 

Case Studies



Equine Assisted Learning



What we did




15 year old girl who was refusing to wash

Went to the field, bathed the horse talked about
why hygiene is important.  Thought about fungal infections, lice etc finished with conditioning hair and painting nails (oiling hooves)



She went straight home and got in the bath and continued to regularly wash/bathe thereafter

16 year old boy who has violent arguments with
his Mum

Develop an interest in the horse. Learning how to care for them. Burning lots of excess energy, de-stressing grooming the horse, becoming calm and relaxed.

Receiving positive regard and encouragement

Much calmer at home. Making a video dairy and photographs. Mum said ‘he is more relaxed and has something we can talk about  now’


He hugged the horse and said ‘I could stay here forever’



Family where the 15 year old is in care. Working towards her coming home

Mum, sister and focus child came to the field. Did a range of team building exercises to facilitate them learning to work together as a unit after the years of separation



The family enjoyed the time together. They learnt a lot about each other and how to communicate well and work together

Family with a 12 year old adopted child where there is a risk of the adoption breaking down and the child being taken into care

Lots of exercises around communication, trust, working together

Family developing a way to talk about things without the need to argue. Mum said ‘I just want to live here’ and ‘This is the place where they talk best’

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) said, 'we have worked with this family for a year and one session with the horses has shifted the situation'



25 year old looking after his 16 year old sister, who is not attending school,(mother died of heroin overdose Dad in prison)

We provided the opportunity for this young man to have some time to himself. To reduce stress so that he can cope with his sister without losing his temper and saying things he regrets.

Time for him to reflect and plan how he can overcome obstacles in his daily life.



He is able to mange his stress and his sister's behaviour more successfully. Their relationship is much less volatile now

15 year old girl with ADHD

Learn to communicate with the horse. Discovering the need to ask politely and calmly thinking about how she could use those skills with her teachers and her Mum



When I returned her home her Mum said ‘she is like an angel when she has been with you. She is so calm’

Two sisters suffering severe neglect (due to parental drug taking)

They have no knowledge of how to care for themselves so we used the bath exercise to teach them to care for themselves

We needed them to think about how to keep themselves safe. We used the horses to think about personal space and keeping safe 



They learnt skills they needed without feeling preached at or judged. They have a better idea how to keep themselves safe.

They were able to build a positive shared memory. 

10 year old young carer who lives with her Nan due to an extremely difficult and abusive childhood

Time for Nan and child to enjoy each others company and learn to talk and listen to each other. We used various communication and team building exercises. For the child to feel comfortable in her own body and develop self-esteem. Playing with an obstacle course that the child and horse did together. Learning how wonderful her body is and all the amazing things it can do


Communication between Nan and child improved.  Child is gradually developing self-esteem and confidence. Is getting braver at trying new things and is more willing to step outside her comfort zone




Pony Share



What we did



Child on the Autistic spectrum and was unable to be in school

Provided fortnightly Pony Share developing skills with the horses

Developed confidence and independence. Found she had the ability to manage her emotions and so her behaviour. Learned to work as part of a group. Has begun her return to school

Young Carer

Provided fortnightly Pony Share

Gave time and space away form her caring responsibilities. Encouraged her to have fun and develop confidence

A teenager who was looked after by the local authority

Provided fortnightly pony share.

Supported with college work advising how to approach an assignment and reading her work and celebrating her achievements (big and small)

Developed a sense of purpose and value. In due course she became a volunteer and part of our participation project. Re-engaged with education attending college and achieving a distinction in her course

A teenager planning to go to Equine College

Providing Pony Share and creating more formal training plan to create a portfolio to assist her application

A range of skills learned with photographic evidence for her application to college






Therapeutic Horsemanship



What we did



A young teenager with anxiety and suicidal thoughts

One to one sessions learning horsemanship and life skills

Learning skills with the horses gave transferable skills to take into life. Able to see a future and look forward to it beginning to re-engage in education after a long period out of school

Teenager with ADHD 

Using the horsemanship  to learn to focus and develop his attention span

Succeeding in getting the horse to do what he asked built his confidence and his belief in his ability to be successful. Now able to concentrate for longer periods of time

Teenager on the Autistic spectrum

One to one horsemanship, focusing on developing a relationship with the horse looking at communication, personal space, thinking about how the horse sees things. 

Developing communication skills with both horses and humans began to learn how to look at other peoples perspective and make conversation

Teenager with poor coordination

Horsemanship skills with a special focus on coordination and gross and fine motor skills

Coordination improved as he worked to use both hands to manage ropes etc.  Fine motor skills developed with knot tying etc gross motor skills developed with carrot stick target practice, helicoptoring and other fun practical activities